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Inspired by the life and example of Mother Veronica, the Carmelite sisters reach out to the people, particularly
the youth through education and faith formation in schools, colleges, welfare centres, etc. by employing formal and non-formal techniques.

T H E    K A R N A T A K A    P R O V I N C E

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From Left to Right - Sisters Shalini, Carmel Rita, Linette, Edna Furtado, Maria Jyothi & Magdalene.

The Karnataka Province has 27 convents, all of which are situated in the State of Karnataka with the exception of one convent Seva Ashram, Pavur, which is situated in the northern part of Kerala State.
Provincial House: The Apostolic Carmel Provincial House
St. Annís Convent
Mangalore - 575001
Karnataka, India
Provincial Superior: Sister M. Linette, A.C.
Total No. of Convents: 27
Total No. of Sisters: 389
Provincial Councillors: 1. Sister Carmel Rita, A.C.
2. Sister Edna Furtado, A.C.
3. Sister Maria Jyothi, A.C.
4. Sister M. Shalini, A.C.
Provincial Bursar: Sister M. Magdalene, A.C.
Number of Novices: 14
Novice Directress: Sr. M. Julie Ann,  A.C.
Number of Postulants: 8
Postulant Directress: Sister Maria Venitha, A.C.
Province NewsLetter: Karnataka Vani

Formation: Under the guidance of the Candidate directress the young girls who aspire to join our Province are initiated into loving Jesus, prayer, reading of scripture, manual work and teaching of English. Regular instruction regarding religious life is also given to them.

The Postulants, under their directress, are helped to grow in the knowledge and love of Jesus and follow Him. They are introduced to the study of our Constitutions and Scripture. To ensure healthy physical growth, outdoor games and other life skills are also taught.

The Novice Directress journeys, accompanies and guides the Novices to grow in their response to the religious call. They are given training in Catechetics, Church Documents and Scripture. They spend three months in communities for Apostolic experience. They have regular mission exposure on Sundays and Mission camps of a longer duration annually.

Mission: Though the main Apostolate of the Province is education, the Province has ventured into other mission areas. The new mission at Bailhongal, caters to the mentally challenged and persons with disabilities through the Special School and the CBR programme. Drug addicts, Alcoholics and AIDS victims are also catered to. Empowering of women is another aspect which has resulted in creation of more than 20 Self Help Groups. The mission at Lingsugur was started to make Christian presence felt there. The Missions of Bidar and Jyothi Nivas are directed towards the development of the poor and disadvantaged. The sisters at Jyothi Nivas mainly look after the labourers children. The Special School at Mangalore has started courses in B.Ed., D.Ed. and PG Diploma in Special Education. There is also a Vocational Centre established to provide trade for the mentally challenged adults.

In 2006, the Technical Institutes of Vijaymari and Bidar have started Community Colleges where courses are designed through linkages with industries and the students after completing the respective courses are absorbed immediately through campus recruitment.

Besides these the Province provides educational programmes person-oriented and value-based from the Kindergarten to the Collegiate level, as also Teacher Education and Technical and Special Education through its institutions listed below.


First Grade Degree College - St.Agnes - Mangalore 1
Pre-University Colleges 7
Colleges of Education with P.G. Courses (B.Ed. & M.Ed.) 1
Teacher Training Institutes 1
Vocational Training Institutes 2
High Schools 13
Primary Schools 22
Preparatory Schools 13
Play Schools 3
Anganwadis 4
Balwadis 4
Schools for the mentally disabled 2
Teacher Training Institute for Special Education 1
National Open School-Secondary and Senior Secondary 3
Study Centres - B.Ed. for Special Education - Bhoj University 1
Study Centre - M.Ed. - Mysore University 1
Mahila Kendra (for the women) 1
Vikasa Kendra (for the youth) 1
Community Colleges 2
Hostels for the students 7
Boarding Houses 5
Homes for Children 7

The sisters also work in 4 High Schools and 9 Primary Schools under the Diocesan Board Management in the Dioceses of Mangalore, Karwar and Shimoga. A Sister Doctor is engaged in rehabilitation work at Bailhongal, North Karnataka and three Sisters work as nurses.


Empowerment of Women Community College Novices
Lingsugur Lingsugur Self Help Vocational Center

Karnataka Province - Information & Photographs updated / added on: 02 July 2007

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